Issues in Education

There are many issues in education in which a school administrator, a teacher, or even a parent must face. Anyone in the decision making role should be informed and educated throughout the decision making process. Educational related issues can present both challenges and unique opportunities. Understanding all sides of an issue can allow you to make better decisions and will allow you to communicate those decisions more effectively.

Issues in Education

Many teachers struggle with whether or not they should even become a teacher. The pay isn’t that great, it can be a stressful job, and support in many locations is not that great. However, there are rewards that come with being a teacher that are priceless. Once you’ve made the decision to become a teacher, there are still other decisions to make. Along the way, there will be constant factors that can influence your entire teaching career.

All teachers and administrators should become familiar with basic federal and state laws that impact education. Not adhering to some laws either by ignorance or negligence can land you in hot water. In addition, there are those historic laws that have had major impacts on what schools are today. Having basic understanding of these laws and the impact that they have on our profession will be beneficial.

Belonging to a teacher’s union does provide certain benefits and protection that a teacher may want to have. Although it is not mandatory that you join a teacher’s union, you may be “encouraged” to do so depending on the state and/or district that you teach in. Many unions come in branches that include a national, a state, and a local union. Participation in one, two, or all three branches are left to the individual, but your dues often include all three branches.

Most parents want what is best for their children, particularly when it comes to their education. There is an increasing number of parents choosing to educate their children in other means besides public education. Some parents choose to send their child to a private school, while others home school their children. Today, a new phenomena includes charter schools and online academies. Each of these provide an alternative form of education for students. Choosing the right alternative will have a lasting impact on your child.